I use a variety of Molecular Biology and Biophysical methods, primarily nuclear magnetic resonance, to answer Biological questions. Since proteins do all the work around a cell, I am interested in protein dynamics, protein structure and function relationships, intrinsically disordered proteins, and protein-protein or nucleotide-protein binding interactions. I think science is only as valuable as it is communicated and hope to do my part in making science available to increasingly more diverse members of the community. 



Oregon State University

Graduate Teaching Assistant 2016-2019 

Graduate Research Assistant 2020-Present 


PhD Research & Development Intern, 2020

Hewlett Packard

Microfluidics Futures Lab



Volunteer Undergraduate Research Assistant, Arkansas Children's Hospital

Advisor: Dr. Gulner Com

“Longitudinal Assessment of Fat Free Mass Index and its Impact on Clinical Outcome of Children with Cystic Fibrosis”




PhD candidate, Biochemistry & Biophysics

- Oregon State University

Advisor: Dr. Elisar Barbar
Research interests: protein dynamics, protein structure and function relationships, intrinsically disordered proteins, RNA-protein binding interactions
Lab Experience: Bacterial protein expression and purification, 1D 2D & 3D nuclear magnetic resonance, cloning, plasmid prep, column chromatography, transformation, PCR, DNA extraction, ion exchange, SDS-PAGE, agarose gel electrophoresis, analytical ultracentrifugation, circular dichroism crystallography, isothermal titration calorimetry, linux and command line proficient, Python basics



B.S. Biology - University of Central Arkansas

Honors Thesis

Advisor: Dr. Mindy Farris

“Effect of Hormone Precursor Availability on Lifespan & Stress Resistance of Long-lived C. elegans”



Minor Honors Interdisciplinary Studies  University of Central Arkansas' Norbert O. Schedler Honors College

Honors Thesis

Advisor: Dr. Ellen Stengel, Writing Department

“Harry Potter and the Ugly Passport Photo”

Study abroad program developed for university’s Writing, Childhood Education, Film & Biology programs following an independent study abroad in Ireland, the UK, and Portugal